Transition your wardrobe to fall – Weekly Sales

I love fall! And I love fall fashion, but every time a hint of fall affects the weather (e.g., it drops below 75 degrees outside) I have an itch to shop shop shop. Lucky for all of us, there are some great sales going on right now [[note: the featured image shows my favorite sale items at each store below, in order from left to right]].

  1. Mango – Mid Season Sale up to 50% off

I am loving this olive green trench coat to smoothly glide into fall. It’s lightweight, ties perfectly around the waist, and has plenty of pockets. At $79 it’s a great price for a trench coat – but if you were hoping for something cheaper, there are plenty of shirts and dresses on sale for $25 and less!

  1. H&M – Up to 60% off

I know I know, you have a love/hate relationship with H&M. Don’t we all. But right now, there are some great tops on sale that are perfect to pair with a pencil skirt, some slacks, or jeans. I love these light flowy button town tops that can be worn professionally or dressed down for dinner and drinks – honestly they are perfect for any situation in fall or winter, and the quality and price from H&M right now is hard to beat.

  1. Madewell – Shop the sales

Okay okay so we missed the “20 percent off purchases of $100 and more and 30 percent off purchases of $200” deal by a few days, but you should still definitely check out the sale section online. With peplum tops, tiered sleeve tops, and comfy every day v-necks on sale for less than $40 and jeans and dresses for less than $70, this is one stop shop to help you get your fall on.

Latest Obsession: Elephant Pants

I recently came across Elephant Pants (literally while scrolling through Instagram, and I am obsessed. Not only are these pants lightweight, super comfortable, totally cute cool and fun, but they also go towards saving elephants. Their story and their mission is amazing, and since they started in 2014, The Elephant Pants has donated over $127K to a variety of organizations that are dedicated to saving elephants. Did you know that elephants are pregnant for nearly two years? Talk about girl power. Click here and get 10% off your first order!

Elephant Pants
Ziggy Harem Pants

Oh, and to make it even sweeter, but not to take anything away from the elephants, The Elephant Pants have also started the Amur collection, which features leopard print products and for each purchase, $1 goes to the African Wildlife Foundation’s Big Cat Saver programs.

Amur Leopard Kimono
Amur Leopard Kimono from The Elephant Pants

DIY: Sunflower Crown

Music Festival Season is right around the corner, and thanks to Snapchat’s filter, flower crowns are definitely still in style in 2017. This is a super easy, wearable DIY project for your weekend.


Items Needed:

Floral wire
Flowers & leaves of your choice, taken off the stem
Dark green or black felt pieces, cut into small circles
Hot glue gun

DIY Instructions

Step 1: Wrap the floral wire around your head, so that it will easily stay on your head, but make sure it’s not too tight, or else it will cause flower-crown-head (like hat head) and/or give you a headache. Wrap the wire around one or two more times so that you have a sturdy base for your crown. Using wire cutters or sharp scissors, cut the wire and wrap the end around a few times (see picture below). This is the base of your crown.

Step 2: Take one of your flowers and hot glue the bottom of the flower directly onto the outside of the wire. On the opposite side of the wire and the flower (i.e., the side your head would touch), hot glue a felt circle so that you cover up the glue and the base of the flower. This will also ensure you don’t cut your head on something sharp or pointy.

Step 3: Repeat this process all the way around the crown. To add more color, glue a few pieces of leaves around the inside of the crown.

DIY in process:


Final Product:

Co-workers taking an American Flag photo, flower crown included.

Wellness: the Tea Parlor

I’ve had a crazy last two weeks with work – I worked until around 1 am every night, including a Friday night! So finally, when my project wrapped up at 5 pm I was definitely ready to celebrate. There was the Atlanta Brunch Festival on Saturday morning and then the Lee Fields show at Terminal West, so a super lazy Sunday was absolutely necessary.

Tea Room

My friend was in town from Chicago so we decided to try out the new tea room a few blocks down the street from me. There’s a random winter cold front hitting the country, right when we thought spring was coming, so it was the perfect day for the tea room. We both decided to do a tea flight, which was $6 for three tea tastings. We tried an assortment of wellness teas: relaxation, calming, detox, weight loss, stress relief, overall wellness. My personal favorite was the Poet’s Wellness tea. It contains camomile, lavender, calendula petals, Rooibos, almond pieces, and has hints of vanilla – we each ended up buying a bag of this. Tea has so many benefits and I’m excited about coming here more often.

Additionally, it was a nice change of pace and a chic unique thing to do. They also serve high tea for $25, so that is next on my list! If you live in Atlanta, you should definitely try out the Tipple + Rose Tea Parlor and Apothecary.

What’s your favorite tea?


Dagne Dover – the Ultimate Work Bag

Treat yourself this Valentines Day with something you’ll use every day – a new work bag.

A few months ago, I decided I needed a new work bag. Mine was a huge tote bag that seemed to swallow everything inside of it so I couldn’t ever find anything when I needed it. I also never really bought myself a nice work bag; I just used a cheap computer bag that I bought when I first started my job. It was time I upgraded to something nice and professional, but I didn’t want to jump the gun and just buy the first bag I saw online. I wanted something that would hold my laptop but also keep everything organized. I stumbled upon a Dagne Dover ad while scrolling through Pinterest, and I was definitely intrigued. It was a little pricey, so I held off on buying it for awhile, but I just couldn’t find another bag that had everything I wanted. I finally bought it, and have been obsessed ever since – I even convinced some of my coworkers to buy one too!


Here is what I love about my Dagne Dover 13″ Tote:

It’s sleek and sturdy; it fits under the airplane seat, but it doesn’t sag and it stays upright. It’s lightweight, and it looks professional. It also has a zipper, so you can make sure everything stays in there when going through the security line at the airport. Additionally, there’s a detachable keystrap, which has been more useful than you’d think – no more rummaging through my bag, searching for my keys, while standing in front of my car in the parking deck.


It is super organized. There’s a laptop sleeve that fits my computer perfectly. There is also a thinner sleeve that fits my iPad, or a thin notebook. The main compartment fits my planner and my wallet. There is also a detachable water bottle holder, and two bigger pockets to fit snacks, lotion, lipgloss, my wireless mouse, etc.


The sleeve side also has compartments to hold my pens, a smaller pocket that holds my iPhone and a thinner pocket that holds my work badge(s) perfectly.


As you can see, it’s the perfect bag for staying organized and it’s the perfect bag for girls on the go. It’s stylish enough to take straight from work to happy hours and post-work dinners.


And now, Dagne Dover is in the process of refining their totes based on customer feedback. The new totes will have reconstructed pockets, more lightweight material, and slightly different sizing – but this also means that the current totes that they have on stock are on sale. Intrigued? Click here to check them out! Sign up for their emails and get 10% off your first purchase! #treatyourself this Valentines Day.

Dagne Dover also has a line of stylish leather bags and a new more casual line. Has anyone gotten the Ava bucket bag? I’ve been thinking about that one for awhile but haven’t seen too many reviews. Let me know your thoughts!


Winter Essentials

As Boston is hit with a snow storm and Georgia’s low is 28, I figured I’d share some of my winter beauty favorites. It’s kind of crazy I guess because Georgia’s high on Saturday is supposed to be 71…but the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter, so there’s no better time than now for a winter essentials list!


  1. O.R.G. Mineral Peel Face – During the winter, my face gets so dry that exfoliating it isn’t an option. This face peel has been a lifesaver; you just spray it on your face, let it soak in for 3-5 seconds, and then rub it off. It instantly peels off dry skin without drying out your face. No more cakey makeup!
  2. Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer – After using the face peel, I use this moisturizer every day. It’s so lightweight and feels refreshing and even smells refreshing. It’s oil-free, so it won’t make your face super oily but it will instantly moisturize and make your face look more energized and awake.
  3. Anderson Lilley Beach Butter Cream – Okay so this is the second item on my list of winter essentials that is from my FabFitFun box, but no, this is not another FabFitFun box review. I really do use this body butter every day. Body butter does a better job of moisturizing and hydrating than normal lotion, and it helps keep your cuticles moisturized too. Plus this one smells like tangerine and reminds me of warmer days.
  4. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey – This feels like a mixture of chap stick, lip gloss, and lip stick. I love the way and looks and feels on me. Black honey is the perfect shade for winter, but the best part about this is that it fuses with the natural tone of your lips to create a unique color for everyone.
  5. Travel mug – A cute travel mug is essential for keeping your coffee and your hands warm in the cold. Plus, it gives you something to do with your hands.
  6. Long sleeve running top – This long sleeve top is perfect for working out and for layering. I wore this top under two more layers when I went to my first Big 10 football game in November. It has thumb holes, fits perfectly without feeling too tight, and does a great job of keeping me warm.
  7. Cozy vest – This vest is also perfect for layering. It’s not a fur vest, it’s a fuzzy soft vest and it really does keep you warm. It adds a cute yet classy feel to any outfit. Wear with jeans and booties or with a long sleeve dress.
  8. Blanket scarf – I have three blanket scarves; they not only keep your neck warm, but they transform any plain shirt, dress or sweater instantly, and they’re perfect to use as a blanket in the movie theater or in your cold office. Wrap it around your body or your legs when you’re sitting at your desk, and then move it back up around your neck when you need to get up to refill your coffee.


Travel for work perks

I don’t travel as much as some people for work, but when I do travel for work, these are three of my necessary things: (1) TSA pre, (2) Hertz Gold Plus membership — so I don’t have to wait at the counter to rent a car, and (3) a cute, lightweight 360° spinner wheeled carry-on suitcase. When traveling for work, I typically don’t check in a suitcase so that I can go in and out of the airport as quickly as possible. However, being 5’2 does not make lifting a suitcase into the overhead bin a very fun experience, so making sure that my suitcase isn’t made out of heavy material is also very important. I ended up getting the London Fog carry-on off of and I love it! It’s trendy, lightweight, and being able to either roll my suitcase next to me or behind me makes it easy to navigate in any situation.


I’m a huge online shopper, and if you are too, I definitely recommend trying Ebates. alerts you of online deals, but more importantly, you can earn cash back on each of your purchases when you shop through Ebates. Right now, you can earn 6% on your purchase from Macy’s! Using Ebates is super easy — you just click on the store you want to shop at, and then you’re routed straight to the store’s website. Buy whatever you want, and then you’ll earn cash back on your purchases. Ebates is also great because there are SO many stores on there: Macys, Target, Amazon, Nordstrom, Sephora, etc. Give it a try! Sign up and automatically get $10 when you click here. Let me know what you think! Do you have a suitcase that you love?