Welcome Back

Wow – it has been way too long since I’ve written. A lot has happened, and there have been so many [[wonderful]] changes in my life. First, and probably the biggest reason for my lack of writing, was that I got a new job. Landing and accepting a new job, meant saying goodbye to my old one, and although I had a two week period in between jobs, I tried to stay off computers as much as possible. Second, I started yoga teacher training. I’m only two weeks in, and it’s already going really really well.

With both of those new things going on in my life, I’ve done a lot of thinking about who I am, who I want to be, my mission, purpose, values, etc.

I’m looking to rebrand and refocus, but tbd on that.

For now, I’m looking to get back into writing and keeping up with this blog, so with that being said, I have a couple of goals for myself:

>>Write on weekly shopping deals for my stylish ladies
>>Write at least one DIY or recipe post each week
>>Write at least one post about life each week, whatever that may look like (work advice, leadership tips, yoga tidbits, cool spots around Atlanta, how to treat yoself, etc)

A few more fun things I have going on right now: I have successfully grown jalepenos and green peppers via JP the jalapeno plant and BP the bell pepper plant on my front porch, I downloaded Audible for my new unfortunate commute home from work and am currently listening to Boss Bitch, and I just got a Furbo (an awesome dog cam – yes I am a crazy dog mom – that lets you talk to your dog and throw treats via your iPhone) so I get to feel like I’m hanging out with Brooklynn all day.

More coming soon ❤

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